Edilcuoghi Colorboard use the most innovative and highest performance technology: technical porcelain stoneware, even in maxi slabs with 3.5 mm thickness, single-fired in fine white paste, the best for ceramic coverings.

  1. 10.0 Stoneware
    Technical porcelain stoneware
    10 mm thick.
  2. 3.5 Stoneware
    Thin slabs of porcelain stoneware reinforced
    with fibre-glass weaving.
  3. Ceramic
    white paste.

Edilcuoghi Colorboard is a palette of delicate hues to add colour to spaces. Each individual hue, warm and muted, cuts across to the other ones. In this way different series and types may be freely matched.

Coordination and a harmony of colour Ceramic, stone, wood: hints of different materials are combined to produce a harmony of colour. Rooms throughout the house acquire the same harmony of tones, with a refined and contemporary style.